Volunteer Board

2023-2024 Volunteer Board

  • President Kelsey Kist
  • Vice President Vacant
  • Treasurer Jennifer Marcoux
  • Secretary Robyn O'Hara
  • Fundraising Erik Marcoux
  • Events Vacant
  • Member-at-Large Jessica Olsen
  • Phone Tree Ryan O'Hara

Board of Directors Positions

View our Board of Directors Positions below and the duties and expectations for each position. Please contact us by phone or email if you are interested in learning more about our Board.

  • Attend 1 meeting/month from September-June (usually no meeting in December) –
    approx. 1-2 hour meetings
  • Attend & help with the Family Activities (Welcome BBQ, Carnival, Open House, Spring
    Concert, Goodbye Party) – approximately 1 event/2-3 months
  • Set agendas for meetings
  • Chair regular meetings and the AGM
  • Communication with EMBM Principal
  • Work with Teachers, VP & Board to resolve any student/parental issues
  • Work with Vice President on revision of Teacher Contracts for board
  • Send out and collect copies of signed teacher contracts
  • Meet with Vice President & Teachers re: teacher goal planning sessions/reviews (3 x per
  • Send out and collect signed copies of the Teacher Goal Plans
  • Cheque signing, payroll release (CAFT), approval of online bill payments
  • Correspondence/Interviews with teacher/teacher assistant job candidates
  • Collect copies of the Criminal Record checks (board, teachers & parent volunteers)
  • Communication with the board on issues that arise throughout the year, if needed in
    between meetings
  • Staff supervision and discipline communication
  • Communicate with subcommittees of the board

  • Approximate time commitment: 3-5 hours/month
  • Liaison between the board and teachers
  • Cheque signer
  • Meet with President & Teachers re: teacher goal planning sessions/reviews (3 x per
  • Work with President on revision of Teacher Contracts for board distribution/approval
  • Fill in for the President, in his/her absence

  • Approximate time commitment: 2-3 hours/month
  • Monthly meeting minutes
  • Registration of students (Keeping track on spreadsheet, emailing confirmation)
  • Getting out Welcome packages (Mail out in July)
    Email account (Emailing out important information, Keeping track of emails)

  • Approximate time commitment: 1-2 hours/month
  • The Treasurer is in charge of keeping the financial records of the preschool program in
    order. Accounting/bookkeeping experience is necessary. Please note a laptop is
    provided and we use Sage 50 accounting.
  • The treasurer is responsible for entering all income and expenditures into the
    accounting software which includes:
    • recording tuition in Sage, completing monthly tuition deposits, setting up and
      maintaining the CAFT program for automatic withdrawals, ensuring monthly
      tuition payments are received in full (and if not following up with parents) and at
      the end of the school/calendar years issuing tuition receipts.
    • ensuring all bills are paid on time and for reimbursing teachers/board members
      for any approved classroom supplies purchased
    • picking up the mail from the post office on a regular basis
    • processing payroll twice monthly and maintaining the CAFT program for direct
      deposit. (The CRA payroll deduction calculator is used to calculate deductions)
      and remitting source deductions by the monthly due date
    • completing and submitting Record Of Employments as required
    • completing and submitting WCB reports and payments
  • Present a financial report at monthly board meetings
  • Prepare and present the yearly budget at the AGM
  • Corresponding/working with the accountant to prepare T4s and the yearend financial

  • Approximate time commitment: 3-4 hours/month
  • Planning events for the preschool approve by the board/ teachers
  • Communicating with EMBM when preschool needs the gym for events
  • Booking events with outside venues in a timely manner
  • Booking carnival games with City of North Battleford

  • Approximate time commitment: 1 hour/two months
  • Coordinate fundraisers (most have remained unchanged throughout the years)
  • Communicate with suppliers
  • Send out forms to parents
  • Collect forms and send them to supplier
  • Organize dates of delivery
  • Typically, there are 2-3 fundraisers a year

  • Approximate time commitment: 1 hour/two months
  • Text parents to find a substitute volunteer for the classroom
  • Needs to be available at 7am – in case a teacher is sick, which doesn’t happen often
  • Usually its a planned event where we know the teachers are away.
  • Approximate time commitment: 1 hour/two-three months
  • Update our Facebook page- advertise upcoming events, registration, etc.
  • Approximate time commitment: 1 hour/two-three months
  • No set position
  • Help when needed